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Main Info

Payment only through PayPal
Payment is required after getting a notification about finished sketch
Commission will be dropped if a customer won't reply within a week
By ordering, you agree to my Terms of Services

How to order

Message me through my
DeviantArt or Instagram
With filled form from below

PayPal e-mail:
Commercial use: [yes/no]
Drawing style: [examples below]
Background: [transparent/simple/complexed]


All prices are in USD
Please be aware prices below are the base prices.
They can change based on the amount of details, background, and complex designs. [From 15-40 $]
Deadlines cost additional 20$

Regular commission prices

Chibi - $70
Bust - $80
Half - $100
Full - $140

*Chibi is only a sketch here

Illustration prices

Bust - $130
Half - $170
Full - $210
Detailed character designes cost extra
Background price included


Sketch commission prices (not currently available)

Only sketch
Chibi - $30
Bust - $35
Half - $45
Full - $60
Fully colored
Chibi - $50
Bust - $55
Half - $70
Full - $90

Design prices

Chibi - 90$
Fullbody - 200$
Prices can change depending on the amount of details in design
The design is fully coloured and lined

2D live model

Normal price - 500$
Commercial use - 600$
Adittional expresion/hand - 5$ each

Price included: normal expression + relaxed hand and wave hand
Price DOES NOT include: character design, rigging

For character design +100$
Complex designes cost extra

Contact me


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